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Remote location discovery and triggering

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Download the iTrack Easy App

for iPhone or Android

For iPhone, get the iTrack Easy App from the iStore - Google Play for Android. Install it and launch from the start menu. Follow the screenshots below ( iPhone version shown but it's basically the same on both versions ).

Instruction Manual

Click the arrows, the page squares or swipe left/right to turn the pages

1 : Install iTrack Easy App

Once installed, run the iTrack Easy App from your App Collection. You will see this splash page. Ensure your Bluetooth is on.

When ready - press the large + icon.

2 : Pair the Devices

Follow the on-screen instructions

Bring the Seek Tracker close to the phone - we recommend face down - hold the button on the Seek down and wait for the Bluetooth signals to pair the devices. It won't take long.

When it connects you will hear a beep and you can release the Seek button.

3 : Select the Seek Function

Select one of the 7 default functions of the Tracker, or hit Other and type a new function for it yourself below.

This is a handy reminder of which Seek is which later.

Here we have selected 'Key'

4 : Seek shows Proximity

The Green Circles show how far the Seek is away from the phone. From here you can select Map, Ring or Photo, to interact with the Seek.

If you press the centre icon ( in this case a Key ) you can Control the Seek.

5 : Control the Seek

The Phone option will cause your phone to emit an audio reminder when it and the seek are disconnected.

Mark as Lost will tag it as Lost in your inventory.

Turn off iTrack will disable the Seek. It can be reactivated later.

Delete iTrack will delete the Seek from your inventory. It can be reused, if you still have it.

6 : Seek Inventory

Here you can see each Seek you have in your inventory. In this example we have paired 4 and named them against their function.

Selecting any one will take you to the locate screen.

7 : Use it for Children!

With a Seek on their person - in a pocket or a bag perhaps - you can use the Seek to GPS locate your child, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

Of course this is just an example and the Seek can be placed anywhere like a car or guitar case - we've just used this as a demonstration of tagging the Seek in the inventory. If you have many Seek Trackers it may be confusing if they are not correctly labelled.

8 : GPS Locate the Seek

The Map function will bring up a Map Application and home in on the location of the Seek Tracker. The resolution is very high. When you are close enough, you can use the audio alert function to allow you to locate it via an audible beep from the Seek.

We've blurred out the location on this map on purpose.

9 : Remove a Seek Tracker

You can, of course, delete a Seek Tracker.

You will need to do this is you wish to repurpose it, for instance to re-add it as a different function.

Deleteing a Seek Tracker will not cause it to stop working as an item - it will just remove itself from your Inventory.